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Green Power Solutions

There has never been a better time to implement solar into your home or business. With generous federal, state and local rebates and tax incentives dramatically reducing the cost of these systems, there is nothing more standing in our way to go green.


Not only do these systems substantially help us reduce our dependency on foreign oil, support local businesses, and help the environment, they also happen to be an extremely smart investment that yields high returns from day one. Green Power Solutions is a highly experienced solar integration company that specializes in residential and commercial size projects. We ensure the highest level of commitment and excellence in all the work we do.


Our expert knowledge and experience in the field of solar energy are rooted in a true passion for the development and future of renewable energy. We're leading the way in the industry, providing our customers with quality workmanship that we're consistently proud of. Let us show you how to utilize your unused space in the most efficient way.