Benefits of Solar Energy

Understand the Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar Energy not only helps the environment; there are several benefits.

  • Save for a Rainy Day

    Reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bills. Your meter will spin backwards when the sun produces more electricity than you consume. This way on a rainy day or a late night, as the needle moves forward, you simply play catch-up. It pretty much is a balancing act.

  • Combat Green House Emissions

    Solar energy is clean renewable (sunlight is dependable and will never run out!) and environmentally friendly compared to fossil fuels and coal which emit greenhouse gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide.

  • Increase the Value of your Home

    Selling price increases by $20 for every $1 decrease on your annual electric bill.

  • Better Budgeting

    It puts an end to the never-ending electric and fossil fuel price increases. You’re in control now.

  • Reduce the USA’s Dependence on Foreign Energy

    American’s use over 26% of the world’s energy even though we only represent 5% of the world’s population. Generating clean energy = generating local jobs + supporting local businesses.

  • Financially Makes Sense

    With generous federal, state, local rebates and tax incentives covering large portions of the cost of your solar system, this risk free investment can provide returns of 15% or more. As energy prices continue to climb, the return on your investment also climbs.

  • 30+ Year Life Expectancy on your Solar Panels

    Once the savings has covered the costs of the system, all excess power produced is profit.