Solutions Offered

Green Power Solutions Products & Services

hrough our combined experience and expertise, Green Power Solutions is able to offer our complete turnkey service for Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal systems. We specialize in design and installation, project development & management, consulting, expediting and filing any and all paper work with AHJ, product procurement and supply, net-metering applications, rebate applications with local administrators, financial incentives evaluations, workshops and trainings.

Solar Photovoltaic (Electricity)

PV systems harness the suns energy and convert it into useable electricity. These systems have the potential to offset 100% of your electrical load. Your entire home or business can run on the energy produced from these systems.

Solar Thermal (Domestic Hot Water, Central Heat, Pool Heating)

It is one of the most cost-effective renewable energy systems. Solar collectors gather the sun’s energy to heat water and/or air for your home or business. On average a Solar Thermal System should drop your water heating bills by 50%-80%.

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