About Green Power Solutions

Learn about Green Power Solutions, Our History & Team

reen Power Solutions has more than twenty-years of experience in the renewable energy industry. Having run a complete range of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal projects through out the Northeast, we are there with you from start to finish.

Our core team is comprised of the very best in the industry, project managers, designers, engineers and installers who all go through in-house training on a continual basis. Because every job is customizable with your unique requirements, we may also pull the top talent from our selected network of experts to best accommodate and service you.

Where do we pull our team from? By giving back, being leaders and aiding the advancement of the renewable energy industry.

“It’s not enough to care about the environment, it’s our duty to educate and find the best resources out there.” The president of Green Power Solutions, Thomas Gately, is an instructor at City University of New York, educating the future talent in Solar PV, and Solar thermal. The firm participates and helps organize events, including the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association Trade Show and many seminars, debates and panel discussions on the innovations of the solar energy arena. It is here that industry insiders come together, network, learn and grow from one another.