Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Please read our knowledge base below, which provides answers to common questions.

  • How much roof space do I need to power my home?

    It all depends on how much power your home or business consumes. In other words; the more you use, the more panels you’ll need, so more space may be required. A rule of thumb is for every 1 kilowatt of electricity produced you will need 100 sq ft. On average our home installations require 300-500 sq ft, while our commercial projects usually require about 5,000 square ft.

  • What if there is a power outage, will my solar system still produce electricity?

    No; for a very safe reason. There will be people working on the power lines and if you were allowed to produce electricity while they are fixing the issues for the neighborhood, they would run the risk of being electrocuted by the live wire.

  • Do the panels store energy produced by the sun?

    Battery options are available if you need, but due to the limited life and expenses associated with them, the majority of our systems installed are connected directly to the utility grid. When electricity is generated from your solar system it is immediately used. Any power that exceeds your household’s consumption is sent back to the grid, sending your meter spinning backward and creating a credit with your utility.

  • Can it heat my pool?

    Solar thermal is the best option for heating your pool. It is the most affordable and cost effective way allowing you to enjoy your pool in early spring and late fall.

  • Is snow going to inhibit the system to work?

    Most likely there will be a point right after a significant snowfall where energy production will be minimal. However, the panels are exactly where the sun hits the strongest; that along with the sophisticated construction and design of the panels, facilitate the snow melting and sliding off at an optimal rate.

  • What happens when lightning strikes a panel?

    Under strict regulation under the National Electric Code, the panels are designed to sustain lightning strikes.

  • Will hail damage the panels?

    Most panels are guaranteed to withstand ¾ inch hail balls at 120 miles an hour. Hail should be no concern.

  • How do I get rebates and are they real?

    Absolutely! Green Power Solutions will show you all of the rebates and tax incentives available and walk you though the entire process. We handle all of the paperwork associated with the rebates, building permits, and interconnection agreements.

  • What if it rains a lot?

    Rain can cut down the production slightly, but it is a great way to have your panels cleaned! The production numbers of the system we propose are based on annual production. This takes into account all rainy, cloudy, overcast, snowy and sunny days.